The artist:

Mikayel Ohanjanyan

Born in Yerevan in Armenia in 1976, where he first attended P. Terlemezyan College of Fine Arts and then Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, he moved to Italy in 2000 and graduated from Florence Fine Arts Academy in 2005. He now lives and works in the regional capital of Tuscany.

Vibrations from Armenia

In Ohanjanyan’s work, rhythm (also evoking the natural rhythm of the Armenian Highlands) is a fundamental means of bringing to life a work of art, poem or piece of music; it is the highest expression of artistic creation that comes about when thought encounters raw material and creates the kind of vibration that allows a message to be conveyed without the need for narratives.

For Ohanjanyan, masterpieces from all cultures, regardless of whether they are prehistoric, ancient, modern or contemporary, share the same rhythmic frequency that makes them infinite, timeless.

Mikayel Ohanjanyan
Mikayel Ohanjanyan

All of Mikayel Ohanjanyan’s sculptures contemplate the precision and exactness of form and, at the same time, create a state of osmosis with the surrounding environment through the indistinct fluidity in which they are embraced and which instils them with new meanings.

Made of basalt

Armenian architecture is another source of inspiration for Mikayel Ohanjanyan. Despite the multiplicity of its forms, it finds a kind of unifying embodiment in the volcanic materials typical of canyons and cliffs, such as tufa and basalt.

The basic elements of Tasnerku + 1 are made of basalt, grey-coloured forms that are in themselves stable but rendered precarious by the tension running through ropes that creates contrast, solid forms extending into space of a different consistency.

Mikayel Ohanjanyan

Prizes and Recognition


Golden Lion, Armenian national Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennial


First place, Henraux Prize


First place, Targetti Light Art Prize


First place, MOVIN’UP


First place, Pavia International Biennial of Contemporary Art


Third place, XX Florence Prize

Member of

Member of the Art for the World Europa Association (Geneva), International Association des Arts Plastiques – UNESCO (Paris), Artists’ Union

Mikayel Ohanjanyan
Prospettiva introversa #5 - Mikayel Ohanjanyan

Mikayel Ohanjanyan’s works can be found in the Chapel of the Papal College of Santa Chiara dei Francesi and Chapel of the Papal College of San Roberto Bellarmino / Rome – The Vatican, in the Henraux Foundation / Querceta, the Targetti Light Art Collection / Florence, Microcollection Museum / Brescia, Kunstverein / Neustadt an der Weinstraße (Germany), the Ravenna Dante Museum, Pavia Town Hall and also in private collections in Armenia, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, and USA.

Durk - Mikayel Ohanjanyan - Installazione

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