Exoteric Gate

Nanda Vigo 14.12.2016  / 12.03 2017

The space defined by natural and artificial space is independent of Cartesian coordinates and becomes fluid, a perceived space rather than a real space.

Exoteric Gate – 2016

For its second event in 2016, “La Statale Arte” will feature Nanda Vigo, a Milan-based international artists who has designed Exoteric Date specially for the occasion, a major light – project (10 m high) composed out of nine separate elements, eight pyramids of differing heights and a central cylinder.

Nanda Vigo, an artist, architect and designer, has always felt the need to work in various different realms, well aware that art and architecture alone cannot encompass the complexity of her work and that she needed to devise her own trans-disciplinary language. As well as being a powerful sensorial experience in which moving light defines a new spatiotemporal dimension, Exoteric Gate is an installation – the first designed for an outdoor space – representing the culmination of a lengthy period of experimentation that began with her chronotopes back in the 1960s.

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Exoteric Gate -1976 (Through cosmic dreaming)

“This exhibition of concepts is the first in a survey of the language used prior to the formal idiom embodied in the inhabitable chronotopic (spatiotemporal) spaces created from 1962 to the present day and always wrongly interpreted either as object-based or as minimal structures. I have always refused to express the internal language underscoring my work, considering it to be “obscurantist”, but I now consider it a necessity at the end of any cycle of work. This exoteric journey I took through Algeria, Egypt, the Sahara, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Guatemala, Yucatán and Mexico from 1972-1976 was planned in stages to enable me to carefully study the meaning of my (pre-arranged) research. This trilogy takes place over three levels: the real, unreal and transcendent. “The “exoteric journey” is unreal (through cosmic dreaming), while the apparently real will concern behavioural language and transcendence will a formal explication by means of reflective surfaces. The three levels are complementary to each other and it is impossible to determine the exact moment when the unreal becomes real in order to take on the transcendent appearance of illusion.”

Nanda Vigo 30 • 05 • 1976

“La Statale Arte” is paying tribute to an artist whose work has left its own consistently distinctive mark on Italian art over the last few decades, anticipating the across-the-board nature of knowledge and languages while maintaining the same focus of attention.

The artist

Nanda Vigo’s works are part of the permanent collections at the Guggenheim in New York, Triennial Design Museum and Museo del Novecento in Milano, Remo Brindisi Contemporary Art Museum in Lido di Spina (Ferrara) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs collection.


Exoteric Gate – Nanda Vigo

Ca’ Granda Courtyard, Università degli Studi di Milano, via Festa del Perdono 7, 13th December 2016 / 11th March 2017