monday-friday h 9 – 21, saturday h 9 – 18 Ca’ Granda’s honorary courtyard
Milan State University (Università degli Studi di Milano) • via Festa del Perdono, 7

Unimi - Cortile centrale, altro particolare

La Statale Arte

An outdoor museum

Milan University is opening up Ca’ Granda courtyard to contemporary art by turning into an outdoor museum. That is the aim of the “La Statale Arte” project, which will be hosting solo exhibitions by both Italian and foreign artists on its seventeenth-century premises designed by Richini. A very special location where the historical heritage and present-day visions come together to provide a backdrop for site-specific works.

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Nanda Vigo

Nanda Vigo born in Milan, 1936. After graduating from Lausanne Polytechnic and studying for an important period of time in San Francisco, she opened her own firm in Milan in 1959. The key theme of her art is the conflict/harmony between light and space, which also characterises her work as an architect and designer. In 1959 she began working with the Lucio Fontana firm, artists from Azimut Gallery in Milan, Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani, and artists and locations associated with the ZERO movement in Germany, the Netherlands and France. From 1964-1966 she was involved in several ZERO exhibitions in Europe and in 1965 she was the curator of the legendary ZERO avant-garde exhibition held at the Lucio Fontana firm in Milan. From 1965-1968 she worked with Giò Ponti on creating the “Casa sotto la foglia” (House under a leaf) in Malo (Vicenza) and, again in 1968, she designed and created one of her most spectacular projects for the Remo Brindisi House-Museum in Lido di Spina (Ferrara). In 1982 she took part in the 40th Venice Biennial.


Exoteric Gate 2016 – Nanda Vigo
A journey that began in 1976 and is now being shown in a different light.

For its second event in 2016, “La Statale Arte” will feature Nanda Vigo, a Milan-based international artist, who has designed Exoteric Gate specially for the occasion, a major light – project (10 m high) composed out of nine separate elements, eight pyramids of differing heights and a central cylinder. Nanda Vigo, an artist, architect and designer, has always felt the need to work in various different realms, well aware that art and architecture alone cannot encompass the complexity of her work and that she needed to devise her own trans-disciplinary language. As well as being a powerful sensorial experience in which moving light defines a new spatiotemporal dimension, Exoteric Gate is an installation – the first designed for an outdoor space – representing the culmination of a lengthy period of experimentation that began with her chronotopes back in the 1960s.

GUIDED TOURS A striking guided tour around Exoteric Gate in Ca’ Granda’s Honorary Courtyard.